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Dietrich Bauer is a slacker. Despite being enrolled at the Universitaet Riedstadt in Hesse, Germany, he remains aimless and unmotivated, unsure of what to do with his life and in no real hurry to find out. Unfortunately, students like Dietrich are perfect candidates for the university's annual student chess tournament, a macabre character building exercise where the students are forced to act as chess pieces in a massive game spanning the length of the campus. Though the game is touted as a positive experience, where students will learn to stand up for themselves and take control of their lives, Dietrich and his teammates know the truth: they won't just be taking control of their lives, they'll be fighting for them...

Contains violence and other subject matter some readers may find unsettling.

Atrium first started in 2006 when Charil, eager to start working with the concept, dove headfirst into writing it. Though the original iteration of the comic died shortly after its conception, Charil worked tediously to develop the story completely and, in 2010, started the final product you see here. Atrium is a product of love and dedication.

In addition to updating every Monday, Charil's main goal is to rework the first chapter for print. Knowing Charil, this involves redrawing pretty much every panel. Her goal for completion is January 2015, so please keep posted!

Charil (sounds like Sheryl) is a German-American psychology student presently residing in Boston, MA. Her studies and her focus in behavioural and personality disorders often make their way into her writing, and her greatest enjoyment comes from crafting realistic dialogue and interactions. She has a tendency to use fiction as a way to hypothesize about various unethical psychological experiments, which sounds downright creepy when put into words like that.

Atrium is Charil's second major comic project. We do not speak the first's name. She has also worked on several other short comics, including the still in-progress The Red.