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Charil, April 30th, 2016, 2:56 am ( Reply )

Wow. Hi there.

So, the elephant in the room. I'm sure at least one person will say something like "you don't owe anyone an explanation!" but, well, I owe you an explanation hahah. I have been... ill, is a good way to put it. Pretty dang ill actually, for the past two years. I'm still ill. It's something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
But, I'm starting to manage it, and starting to get back into the swing of things again. This was... really slow going. But I'm coming back. Best I can :)

That said, it was very much emotional for me to hit that "Add New Comic" button hahah.

In light of the above, I've got a question for... whoever's left hahahahah. How would you guys prefer updates go? Would you like longer updates like this, updates that consist of about 2-4 pages but might take slightly longer (not nine months longer, I swear) (knock on wood) or attempted weekly pages like before, with one page a week? Let me know! At any rate, I'm trying to pump these out best I can now. I've really missed doing comic pages, and it took trudging through these to realize that again :)

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User Comments:
Cave, April 30th, 2016, 4:32 pm ( Reply )

Yay! You're back!!

Noo! Illness! D:

It's good to see the comic is up again, though I'm very sorry to hear you are having health issues.

As for updates, I'm fine with either. I would lean a bit towards weekly though, maybe?

Bandito, May 1st, 2016, 1:11 am ( Reply )

I am so excited to see you're back! Sorry you've had health problems but I am glad you got the courage to click the add new comic button! After being gone for a while it can be a little intimidating when you are rejoining stuff you had to postpone/leave for a while... (I know from illness as well)

Whenever you want to update is fine! I probably would prefer more frequent but smaller updates just to keep the flow but either way I'll still be here :)

Bob (Guest), May 1st, 2016, 8:05 am ( Reply )

Just wanted to say welcome back! This hit home with me because I've been through a similarly long illness and then came back to a webcomic. That's the great part - a webcomic will always be there waiting right where you left off, no matter the length or severity of your illness. And there will always be readers waiting to greet you. :)

As for update schedule, I'd say when you're freshly back from illness, go at the pace that makes you happiest and most comfortable. If it feels more encouraging to get frequent feedback, go weekly. If you prefer to work for longer stretches in silence, update in chunks. Do what you feel will give you the smoothest transition back to health. And welcome back!

Bartimaeus (Guest), May 1st, 2016, 3:27 pm ( Reply )

Glad to see you back! :)

bookclimber (Guest), May 2nd, 2016, 11:40 pm ( Reply )

Woo glad to see you again. Was surprised but quite happy to see the comic that I somehow missed today.

For updates, feel free to do however you feel. If you still aren't really sure you can do some, just do it at your own pace, something that will allow you to get into the pattern again.

But seriously, good luck with continuing to fight it, and glad to see you again.

melaredblu, May 10th, 2016, 1:34 am ( Reply )

Man, please tell me he's not dead. That would really suck if the kid got beaten to death just like that.

Charil, May 12th, 2016, 12:52 am ( Reply )

@Cave: Thank you! Things are becoming more manageable :) I think I'll be leaning toward weekly (and see how well that worked out lol) though if I can manage it, having weekly updates of multiple pages might be fun!

@Bandito: Hahah, a little intimidating indeed :D It was really flattering to see people respond positively! And thanks for your vote of confidence! :)

@Bob: That is a good point. Webcomics have been sort of a constant for me through thick and thin, so it's somewhat comforting for it to still be here after all this. And thanks! I'm thinking I'll set my pace however. If that means one page a week, two pages a week, etc so be it :)

@Bartimaeus: Thanks! It's good to be back!

@bookclimber: Hahah, I imagine it must have been a little startling, suddenly an update notification appearing after something like ten months. Oops. :) Getting back into the groove is probably the hardest part at the moment, but I'll keep fighting!

@melaredblu: After all this time, just to die right out the gate like that. Would be unfortunate to say the least!

Tantz Aerine (Guest), July 16th, 2016, 7:08 pm ( Reply )

I'm so glad to see an update here! I wish you strength with your struggle. I can see you have it in bounds, and here's to getting much much more :)

Whatever you choose to do I somehow would LOVE notifications! Somehow I never manage to have any.

m_celeri, September 19th, 2016, 10:34 pm ( Reply )

Are you still going to update this comic? It's really interesting (like 'where have you been all my life'-interesting :D ). I hope that you are doing all right.

Charil, September 19th, 2016, 10:45 pm ( Reply )

@m_celeri: I am (actually working on some pages at the moment)! Things have been kind of off and on for me but they seem to be looking up so hopefully (yeah how many times have I said this now lol) I'll be more consistent! :) Thanks a ton for still reading!!

m_celeri, September 20th, 2016, 10:17 am ( Reply )

I'm really happy that this comic is still ongoing. \^o^/ And I send lots of love and get well wishes. <3<3<3

Groovy, Kinda (Guest), September 29th, 2016, 10:51 pm ( Reply )

Welcome Back
Oh Charil, I'm so glad you're back.
And it's great to read more Atrium! Excuse me while I go put the link back on GK.
And please tell me Walter's not dead, and that he's gonna pull through. He's one of my favorites.
I went though something similar a while back. Not to the same extent, but I hit the wall and couldn't update but once a month. I'm back, and (for the moment) updating once a week.
I'd like to see you update weekly, with whatever sized page you come up with. No matter what, I just want to see you doing what you love when you can. Don't worry, we'll wait and be here when you get back.

Charil, October 4th, 2016, 5:34 am ( Reply )

@Groovy, Kinda: It's good to (kind of) be back! And yes, I know, life just had to happen at the most inopportune time comic-wise :D With any luck I'll be updating with a bit more frequency than, uh, once every five months; I've missed this work a little too much!

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